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Welcome to Co-Cab – Co-Working in the Caribbean

We’re so excited that you’re here. We both work and/or study remotely, and have the same story you hear all too often from tourists who visit Cabarete: we came for a week’s vacation, feel in love with this beautiful beach town, and have been back about 10 times (collectively) in the past two years.

Cabarete is now our home and it was over a pizza date at our favorite pizza place (Chabola) that the idea came to us to create Co-Cab. Co-Cab is the love child of our passion for social entrepreneurism and water sports. It is a c

o-working space that has all the amenities of a fully equipped office, but located right on the beach. So, you can step out for a quick SUP/kite/surf/windsurf session in between your work schedule, or simply enjoy the view while you work. It’s also a place where you can learn, connect, and be inspired by like-minded individuals who also travel the world and make their living online.

But Co-Cab isn’t just for remote workers. We envision our space as a digital center of learning for our community, where we can offer computer programs, start up workshops, and more. Our first initiative in this regard will be to create and implement a free computer class that we hope will improve digital literacy amongst Dominican youth here in the North Coast.

We will be opening our doors in February, but as we get ready for our launch, you can stay updated by following us on Instagram and Facebook @cocabarete.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting, and we hope to welcome you in Cabarete very soon!


Mona & Anita

Co-Working Caribbean


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